If the word “addiction” makes you think of drugs and alcohol, you aren’t alone. However, there’s another form of addiction, and it’s ruining lives. Gambling addiction is a serious and shockingly common problem in the UK, and the NHS doesn’t have the resources that it needs to help people recover. In fact, there is only one clinic in the UK that treats this form of addiction!

How Many People In The UK Suffer From A Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction is highly under-recognized, and this makes it difficult to get an accurate figure. However, it’s often estimated that 0.25 percent of people are addicted to gambling, but estimates vary.

What Do You Need To Know About The UK’s Gambling Clinic?

The gambling addiction clinic in the UK treats between 750 and 900 people per year. Often, the people do not get to the clinic until they are in dire straights, and most of the people who arrive are currently jobless as a result of their gambling addiction.

The clinic treats gambling addiction using cognitive behavioral therapy, and this is one of the most common techniques used in therapy. The clinic also has a high success rate with 60-70% of clients continuing to avoid gambling entirely six months after treatment.

What Types Of Problems Can A Gambling Addiction Cause?

A gambling addiction can cause severe financial problems, but it goes beyond that. Gambling can also lead to problems in relationships due to tensions over finances, and gambling addictions may even steal from loved ones to get money for gambling. In some cases, this leads to estrangements between the gambling addict and their loved ones.

It also causes problems in the gambler’s professional life since many gambling addicts gamble money that is needed to meet basic expenses. It’s not uncommon for a severe gambling addiction to leave individuals homeless even if they had a large amount of money prior to their addiction.

What Is Driving The Problem Of Gambling Addiction?

Individual factors play a strong role in whether or not someone becomes addicted to gambling, but there also are key social factors to consider. In the past, gambling was restricted to casinos. However, now one can easily gamble online, and this increases the risk of addiction.

Furthermore, individuals who are already addicted to gambling are likely to gamble larger amounts of money over time since the internet makes gambling far more accessible. In addition, many gambling addicts spend a large amount of time looking for the best online slots, and time spent looking for the best online slots could be spent with friends and family. This can create an increased strain on relationships.

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